I have known Carl Feldstein for many years, so when it came time for me to sell my property I knew he would be the best Broker I could find.  I owned a six unit apartment building in the Silverlake area.  I had the property for many years and with an older building, many issues arose and with each stepping stone, Carl rose to the occasion and saved me not only money but headaches.
I would recommend Carl; he truly takes the time to be your advocate in a real estate sale.
I will be purchasing additional property soon and Carl will be there to help me.
Sincerely, Manny Abramson

I would like to let you know what a great job Carl Feldstein from Tri Omega Realty did for me regarding the sale of my home in Rosemead.  I was at a turning point in my life, I decided to sell my home and move to Northern California to be near my family.
It was a bittersweet time for me and I needed the sale to go smoothly.  He listed my property for sale and put me at ease about all the details.  I was able to concentrate on packing and plans for my new surroundings.
I was happy with the price the house sold for, and Carl with his many years experience as a Broker, handled the transaction like a true professional.  He even sent postcards with my new address to all my friends.
I would recommend Carl to anyone with Real Estate needs.  Thank you again, Carl.

Betty McCoy

Imagine my excitement when I discovered that the three unit property I was living in was going on the market.  I just knew that this property was perfect for me to own.  My life long dream was to be a property owner, and with this location, it couldn´t get any better.  But how was I going to purchase it?  This is where Carl Feldstein was there to guide me through the necessary steps to becoming not only a first time owner, but an income property owner.
He began by having me contact a loan officer so that I could get qualified for a good loan, and have all my paperwork in order to present to the owner.  Along with a personalized letter to the owner, we started what turned out to be a successful journey.
Now, with each year that passes I am gaining equity and have additional income.  I also want to give credit to his wife, Pat, who helped me put systems in place for me to become a successful landlord.  I am grateful to Carl for all his help and would recommend him highly.
Leticia Wiggs

I know that my purchase of a church that had nine separate owners was a challenge to say the least.  This was a very complicated transaction, but Carl Feldstein took all the problems one at a time until I was a proud new owner.  The building was in need of repairs and he coordinated all the work until it passed inspection from the city.  His 50 plus years of experience really came into play and helped all concerned, even the frustrated owners.
If you are interested in buying or selling property, you need Carl.  My wife and I will always be thankful for the kind manor in which he treated us and how he conducts business.
Ed & Graciela Morales

When I was ready to sell my home, I started to look at it with different eyes - the eyes of a buyer - and I was shocked to discover it needed some organizing.  My real estate agent, Carl Feldstein, had the perfect solution.  He brought in a house stager; they arranged furniture and had suggestions that would help spruce up the rooms.  When the house was ready to show to clients, I was proud to show people a home they would be happy to live in.
Sometimes a fresh look on things is all it takes.  Carl´s personal approach helped not only to sell my home in a timely manner, but put me at ease along the way.
Alex Khorlin

My real estate history with Carl Feldstein goes back quite a few years, about 25 plus.  Carl had helped me to buy a home that I would use as a rental and a future investment.  When we put in an offer on the property I was not sure if it would be accepted, as the offer was not for the full price.  But Carl encouraged me to go ahead and submit it.  I was thrilled to be accepted.
Now many years later, my husband and I are planning for our retirement.  This property proved to be an excellent source of income and the increased value over the years will help us now plan our future.
When we decided to sell the property, of course, Carl was the perfect person to handle the transaction.  After all these years Carl has remained a reliable real estate broker.
Thanks again Carl!
 The Oso´s

Carl Feldstein
Carl Feldstein